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Dr. Guy W. Logsdon


Author & Entertainer

Guy is an internationally recognized authority on Woody Guthrie, Western Swing including Bob Wills and Johnnie Lee Wills, western and cowboy music, and Oklahoma history. He is also a popular entertainer, musician and speaker on all the above topics.

Guy’s Latest Book

Woody’s younger sister Mary Jo Guthrie Edgmon and Guthrie authority Guy Logsdon shed light on Woody’s early life and what formed his remarkably strong personality, as seen in his many poignant and impassioned letters, such as those reporting the death of his daughter in a New York fire. The considerable influence on Woody’s personality of his father Charlie Guthrie can now be traced in private letters and testimonials as Woody moves from his Texas years to roaming the USA, to military service, and to New York, where his national career bloomed as he became an accomplished spokesman. Beyond the plain folksy wit of Woody the journalist and performer, we discover here the intensely intelligent and articulate man whose brilliance for the written word was perhaps overshadowed by his artistry in drawings, paintings, and musical performance.

Woody’s sister Mary Jo and Guy Logsdon sign copies of their new book Woody’s Road at the 2012 Woody Guthrie Free Folk Festival in Woody’s hometown of Okemah, OK.

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